11 May 2011

Viddler.com - Minister George Yeo's Press Conference, 10 May 2011 - Uploaded by mfasingapore

‎28.28 It is the responsibility of every citizen to be involved in politics. Because politics is about the way our life are run collectively. So I don't think I will ever retired from politics because ...... I am a citizen of Singapore. And I have got beliefs, I have got views. If I can make contributions, I should.


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  1. 01.18 Why did we lose Aljunied?
    Mr Low Thia Khiang himself said that they want Aljunied not because Aljunied team did not do a good job. But because the voters wanted the Worker's Party to be their voice in Parliament. Mr Low analysis is fair and I agreed with him. This desire for a strong Worker's Party voice in Parliament was a political tide which came in through ALjunied, which we unable to withstand depite our very best effort. Right from the start the Worker's Party made Aljunied a national battle ground.