27 July 2009

Things So Singaporean - Unofficial NDP Song 2009

Song with local appeal
Ode to Singapore posted on YouTube finds fans young and old, with calls to make it an NDP song
By Nicholas Yong and Valerie Wang
July 26, 2009

Even as some Singaporeans are learning to sing this year's National Day Parade theme song, there are calls for an uncommissioned song to be included in the National Day Parade celebrations.

Things So Singaporean is an affectionate and slightly irreverent ode to Singapore written and composed by civil servant Judith d'Silva and singing teacher Ann Hussein. The song mentions things and habits that are uniquely Singaporean, such as using tissue packets to reserve seats at hawker centres, leaving slippers outside the front door and queueing to buy lottery tickets.

In contrast to the moody-sounding What Do You See?, which was commissioned for National Day Parade 2009, Things So Singaporean has caught on like wildfire among Singaporeans after a video clip of it was posted on YouTube.

Tampines North Primary School has adopted the song for its National Day celebrations this year and Raffles Girls' Primary School has used it in its social studies classes. The pupils from Raffles like it so much that they have memorised it.

Ms Poon Wei Ling, 29, a social studies teacher at Raffles, says: 'Many of my pupils were able to identify and relate to certain parts of the song and they laughed at the part about using packets of tissue to reserve seats.'

One of her pupils, Belinda Zhang, 11, says: 'I think it could be used as an NDP song. It's not dull and the melody is quite cheery, it really makes you want to sing along.'

Ms d'Silva, 57, wrote the song in May last year because 'I have always wanted to write a song about Singapore that people can recognise and relate to in concrete ways'.

It had to be 'easy to sing, easy to learn, with a catchy tune and beat', she adds.

Indeed, an online campaign has started to make Things So Singaporean official.

Public officer Victor Tan, 28, who heard about the song through a former colleague, was sufficiently moved by it to set up a Facebook page called 'Let's make Things So Singaporean one of the songs of NDP 2009!'.

extracted from straitstimes digital

Things So Singaporean - Unoffical NDP Song 2009
Lyrics by Judith d'Silva
Composed, Arranged, Sung by Ann Hussein


  1. 比正式的国庆歌更贴近民生。:P

  2. 我也很喜歡。但是上面的人大概不喜歡,因為不能鼓勵賭博(買彩票)和用singlish("chop" the place).

    but then hor, 林北就是喜歡...管他的...

  3. 呵呵呵。。。欢喜就好~
    新加坡的英语早就已经被localise 了~

  4. I realise one thing that this song can't be used forever to represent Singapore, unless they insert a clause saying that the lyrics can be changed after certain periods. Cos the clip showing buildings and some of the things that maybe in 3-5 years time, they will 'demolish' and rebuild...nothing is very 'permanent' in Singapore, hence can hardly represent the rich culture of Singaporean...
    On the other good side that the song does represent is the inbuild charateristics of Singaporean which really shows the charisma of Singaporean where we can hardly find anywhere in the world :)

  5. 哦,因為他們搞了個請願,這是回應他們。


  6. sad to said that but its true.

  7. by then this song will be a classic, er,,,, i mean in 5 years time the building wil be gone. hehehe.... :p

  8. This is Mr Bown's version of Unofficial NDP Song 2009

    All my friends say I’m a chiongster
    Who like to drink Teh Si
    My Civic may be lau pok chia
    But can almost hit 50
    I just minding my own business
    Why the others all cut me?
    They change lane don’t use signal and
    They always challenge me
    Le Kua Simi?
    Le Kua Simi?

    See the light when turn green, see my super chio rim
    Even though your car faster than me, my Honda still more swee
    You may think you reach there faster then can order your ice cream
    Le Kua Simi….
    My car more swee

    I only earn 900 but my petrol 550
    They say now is the downturn but my car got leather seat
    I know my car is not last forever
    Because of COE
    But a man must have his vision, and his density
    Wa Kua Simi
    Wa Kua Simi

    Find more ger at the bar, when they see my new car
    You can feeling the tetno beat, my bass tube sibei tua
    I will drive you to Mt Faber and together we see star
    Le Kua Simi

    Le Kua Simi tonight
    Got sea and got mountain
    You and me tonight
    We going to reach Milky Way
    Together we can join to make the downpayment
    Get a better car than I can afford

    Chor kang cannot keow kar, I must work extra hard
    I must work in the sun until my face become chow tar
    When patience is a virgin, you must wait long long time
    No Ah Beng at the traffic light can hope to challenge me
    Le Kua Simi
    Le Kua Simi

  9. This is THE official NDP song. compare n enjoy...

    NDP09 Theme Song - What do you see? (English)
    Composition & Lyrics by Electrico

    Verse 1: There’s a jewel on the ocean,
    a gem upon the sea
    Where the future is an open book
    A land of destiny
    We could set our sights into the wind and sail the seven seas
    or climb the highest mountain top as long as we believe
    What do you see? What do you see?

    Chorus: See the moon and the stars, look how far we have come
    Look around at our faces, they shine brightly in the sun
    With our hopes and dreams, imagine what tomorrow it may bring
    What do you see? What do you see?

    Verse 2: Now the time has come to reach out,
    To open up to see
    That we stand together in this land
    Cos we are family
    As thoughts of reaching to the sky are carried on a dream
    With hearts and minds united, our dreams we will achieve
    What do you see? What do you see?

    Chorus 2: See the moon and the stars, look how far we have come
    Look around at our faces, they shine brightly in the sun
    With our hopes and dreams, imagine what tomorrow it may bring
    What do you see…

    Bridge: What do you see when life makes you take on a mountain
    You’ll see that nothing’s gonna stand in your way
    Together we can share
    The strength of a million
    and the courage of a million more

    Chorus End: See the moon and the stars, look how far we have come
    Look around at our faces, they shine brightly in the sun
    With our hopes and dreams, imagine what tomorrow it may bring
    Cos the sky’s the only limit when you’re not afraid to dream
    What do you see? What do you see..

  10. NDP09 Theme Song - 就在这里 (Chinese)
    Verse 1:
    A1 没有山脉的雄伟这有靛蓝海水
    A2 有些优势世界忘了给我们不曾後悔
    B 就在这里 把梦开启

    C 其实我们很像 决心握在手上
    有你在我身旁 就不怕 更高地翱翔

    Verse 2:
    A3 懂得万物会枯萎我们不掉泪水
    A4 我们掌握自己是谁不让命运插嘴
    B 就在这里 把梦开启

    Chorus 2:
    C 其实我们很像 决心握在手上
    有你在我身旁 就不怕 更高地翱翔

    D 我们启航远方
    去打开 从未见过的光芒

    Chorus End:
    C 其实我们很像 决心握在手上
    有你在我身旁 就不怕 更高地翱翔

  11. 陈伟联唱这首歌的技巧进步多了,

  12. 哦,我沒有注意到這點,我不熟他的人和歌曲。

  13. 没办法,这几年被无处不在的什么什么star什么什么星的比赛搞到怕怕。

  14. 現在興這套?星還是猩?姓什麼?姓郉?有沒有型?唱歌行不行?還是有幸得獎?問我他的性向?醒醒吧....不要搞到一身腥,然後還要被判刑。

  15. 哈哈哈,管他星星猩猩还是性行。。。与我无关。