11 September 2011


This is a song from Korean movie 3-Iron (빈집, Bin-jip, meaning Empty House) is a 2004 Korean film directed by Kim Ki-duk.

The title of the song is "Gafsa" from album "Halim" sing by Belgian world music singer Natacha Atlas. Natacha Atlas was born to a father of Moroccan, Egyptian, and Palestinian ancestry who was born in Jerusalem and a British mother who had converted to Islam.

Gafsa (Arabic: قفصة‎ Qafṣa) is the capital of Gafsa Governorate of Tunisia. There is no know reason yet why this song is titled as this location.

Lyrics translation of different version:

The breeze of romance started blowing in my mind. Give me the peace of my Habibi(Beloved).You will say, 'Return my precious, forget the separation and the strangeness.'
My imagination will say, 'I wonder aimlessly, and my ambition will be happy. "And she appeared from the high towers,and said strange words...
Return my love,I don't have luck in this world. You are my love then, But it is impossible that you will be mine again.
Oh night,
Oh my love,
It is Finnished.
Salaam Habibi
From: SerpentHeadSoldier

Natacha Atlas - Cage=Gafsa The winds of love suddenly began blowing in my head Bringing me the greeting of my beloved Saying "return my precious" "The separatoin has been long while you are away" The impatience of my imagination wandered in a void And it was a happy wish for me She emerged from a high tower And said a strange word Return my love I don't have any destiny for me in this world
By budapest1985

Habet Riyahel Hobi fi bali
*The breeze of romance started blowing in my mind
Tahdeeni Salam el habib X2
*Present me with the peace of my sweetheart.
Tigouli 'Erja3 ya Ghali
*You will say 'Return my precious,
Ta3lel fourag wal il gharib' x2
*Forget the separation and the strangeness.'
Goulet Hayali "Sharadat Hali,
*My imagination will say 'I wonder aimlessly,
Wa gounet manali sa3eed."
*And my ambition will be happy."
Wa ttalet min bourja3 il 3ali,
*And she appeared from the high towers,
Wou Galet Kilamah Ghareeb...
*And said strange words...
"Erja3 ya Hobb,
*Return my love,
Mali fi dounya naseeb.
*I don't have luck (destiny) in this world.
Inta hobi lakin,
*You are my love then,
Mish moumkin tkouni halali."
*But it is impossible that you will be mine.
Ah lel
*Oh night
Ya 3ayni, ya.
*Oh my eye, oh (Arabic term of endearment.)
*it is Finnished.
(Ammar I miss u)
by mirelagoi

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