30 November 2007

Journey In Wilderness - 动乱后的缅甸人 People of Myanmar

Chris said that a plain religion prayer have turn into a policitical incident and the lay people was affected the most instead. So people away from Myanmar, please don't follow the crowd and do more hurt to the people within. There is more ways to help. e.g. traveling there n spend your holidays.

i say thats y i don support n forward mails regarding any anti-XXX campaign. don trust internet is the real world. don fool by the media, internet n politician. the info n news u read might nt be how u look at the real world. if u ask me wat is real world? look at urself.

“原本是一些僧侣觉得缅甸人活得很苦, 想沿街诵经为众生祈福, 没料到卻被政客利用, 演变成示威, 最终受伤害的卻是无辜的平民百姓. 那种有勇无谋的劣策, 只会造成无谓的伤害. 我希望外界人士不要跟着起哄, 设身处地为缅甸人着想, 想要帮忙还有很多方法”chris说。



  1. Hi cl, many thanks for translating my Chinese text to English. Media and Internet are powerful avenues, if not use wisely can be very harmful.
    If there are anyone interested to render any help to the unfortunate Burmese, I'm all way out to help.

  2. oh. translating is one of my interest. thanks for giving me oppounity to do it.

    btw, do u mean those who wanna render help to Burmese, u could provide them wif info? or u hav any plan in mind?

  3. so sori, i don't hv any plan but if there are a group of pple willing to help them, i would be glad to do whatever i can to help out.