23 June 2011

Iregardless you are rich, poor, noble, humble, male, female, young or old, you are treasure in the eye of your parents. -- Dedicated to the mother and father that took care thier son with medical conditions for 49 years and admit thier son reluctantly to nursing home today. 无论贫富贵贱,男女老幼,孩子都是父母的宝。 -- 回向给照顾健康有问题孩子49年,今天难舍地把孩子送进疗养院的母亲和父亲

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  1. The same day, I met an almost 16 years old girl who has been taking care of her sick mother for 8 years. She told me she is not good at communicating even with her family. I told this girl who likes writing that she can travel in her broader inner world. In the end of the meeting, I give her a simple white candle which I use for Singing Bowl blessing, hoping it could light up a little bit of his space when she surrounded with darkness.