21 February 2011

Eye é City - 2010 eyes é city selection/ 2010年城市的眼睛遴选









2010 eyes é city selection

2010 eyes é city selection was held on February 19, 2011. The five members in the election panel include photographic journalist, graphic designers, retired businessman, community workers and social workers. In addition, volunteers and members of eyes é city also attended the session.

Besides using computation of scores, the selection panel together with the volunteers and members of eyes é city also discuss and share their views and feelings for the submitted photographs. The main purpose of eyes é city not only to raise awareness and concern for the society at large through record using photographs, it also hopes to encourage communication and understanding and foster the relationship between people of the community. eye é city does not focus and advocate certain cultures, ideas, values, or to comment on the positive or negative of these cultures, ideas, values. We emphasize both diversity and inclusion of the society. The selected photos from the participants represented the common memories of the year. However, we do not think that those unselected photos are unimportant or are not memorable. These happen because of the limitation of resource in the exhibition and publication. We believe that all of the photos of the participants have his own values and different people see the photos differently because of their own background and life experience. We should not use monetary term to measure or quantified the value of these memories of people reflected by the photos. Bearing these in minds, although we still score each photos with marks, we spent a considerable time for discussion and sharing. We also hope that public and participants could view these photos and participate in our activities with these perspective.

May 24 last year, Singapore and Malaysia have agreed to relocate Tanjong Pagar train station to Woodlands in July 1, 2011.

The topic catches the interest of participants and submitted a number of related photos. There are many excellent photos in which some overlap in angle and content. We decided to arrange all these photos of different participants into a series and to organize them into a more complete layout. We will seek opinion and permissions from the participants and plan for the layout and editing. We will finalize the outcome at a later date.

We have selected about 60 single photos, about 10 photo essays and a couple sets of photo challenge. We will finalise the details after meeting and confirmation of the relocation of train station series and e-mail to the participants whom photos have been selected.

Till then, take care and be happy.


  1. 很喜欢自己写的这段文字,一定程度代表我个人的价值观和对于城市的眼睛的远景。

  2. i like these paragraph that i have written. it represented my thought and my vision for eye e city.