29 September 2008

International Exhibition for Young Inventors 2008 (IEYI 2008)

This International Exhibition is orgnised in Taipei this year. I took a train from Hualien to Taipei to give the Team Singapore support. A full blog report will be done at a later date. Lets take a look at the photo first.

Following is the official site of IEYI 2008. (Off the volume like what i am doing if u done like loud music)



  1. i hope "this" is not refer to the man in red. hahaha.....

    Ya, i think this is a good improvision of the walking cane cum chair.

  2. Of course not the 'man in pink'..hehehe...
    I saw this similar chair in Penang...that time I have the intention want to buy..but they sell mainly for old age people and people who have movement difficulties...

  3. ...mo tuin tuin buy this type of thing... chow chow chow...

    there is another type: back pack cum chair. that is more suitable i think.

  4. ah..maybe..hehe..because, I always have backache..so I was thinking that's good if I go anywhere that doesn't have seats for people..hehe..also, if go any kopitiam, not enough seat, I can use my own, sit down and eat..hehe..