10 February 2013

Singapore Parliament endorsed population white paper

I am very disappointed when I knew that Singapore Parliament endorsed population white paper today. 

I involved in organsing this project https://www.facebook.com/eyeecity since 2004. Some people were saying then that Singapore is a city without memories and they felt they were strangers at home. I know we could not change many things that decision maker set for us but we could do our part for this place we love. One of the reasons for involving this project is that I hope we could record some memories of people staying in Singapore and find meanings for us thru this project. Although organizing this project was not easy, we insisted this for many years. (http://chongleong.blogspot.sg/2011/11/perseverance-of-nine-years.html)

This is the first time that I seriously think of leaving this country, my birth place, our motherland. I really feel helpless and very disappointed. I heard and saw a lot of feedback by ordinary Singapore who are very concern or starting to concern about our nation’s future these few days. If the so-call leader in our country could not feel the ground and could not understand what we really want, the disappointment and negative emotions are too much that I could take, I would rather move to another place that people and community could understand my inspiration. I have come to this time that I think I have done enough. I hope I am wrong but if things are not changing, many people including the young one will leave this place we call motherland for good.

I hope I am wrong and miracles will happen.

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