26 May 2007



  1. g'day,

    is olympus giving you life time free digital camera?
    care to comment on the person that manage to conquer your warm heart?

    p/s i feel the need to promote my favourite digital camera ;-)
    canon a570is, 2 aa batteries, image stabiliser and digic iii (face detection).
    but currently i am having a710is, same same above but digic ii.

  2. i don know why the website automatically shown the olympus brand name here. i din brother to remove it. but if u care to tell me how. as for the conquering issue, we will talk privately. :p

  3. Hi,
    Good to see your happy moments there. Well, I think I can see that the weather there is still consider as cold. The envoirnment is green and clean. Hope you are still stay cheer when she is back.
    I am using Sony Cybershot. It isn't user friendly but I enjoy learning and calling the Sony's not helpful "Help Desk".