18 July 2009

Tompi - Salahkah

bot the CD for over 2 yrs but jus watched the MTV then. Emm... i think Tompi shoudld remain as singer.

i hav yet to know wats the lyric abt but definately a sad love song. i like the music n arrangement. The music type is soul/R&B.

he is a medical doc turns singer and born in ACEH.




Teuku Adifitrian, but more widely known as TOMPI, was born and raised in the town of Lhokseumawe, in ACEH. In 1997, he left Aceh and moved to Jakarta to pursue his studies at the University of Indonesia to become a Medical Doctor.

His hobby in performance arts has been apparent since childhood as he was actively involved in traditional Aceh music and dance performances. In the midst of his busy schedule, Tompi still tries to find time for his singing hobby. Tompi continues to gain confidence in performing, especially after seeking professional guidance from Bertha and Tjut Deviana. After a busy day learning about medicine and biology, he transforms into a soulful singer, singing in first class clubs and lounges around Jakarta. These experiences have allowed Tompi to evolve from the once shy and timid boy from a small town in Aceh into the Tompi we see today.

Aside from singing and performing, Tompi found another musical talent that has been hidden, that is song writing. He always carries a small recorder or his cellphone to record tunes that pop up whenever he is "inspired".

abstracted from omega pacific website


  1. "Terima Kasih Cinta (Thank Love)" is performed by Afgan. Taken from Afgan's debut album: "Confession No. 1" (Jan, 2008).

  2. 唱歌还是比做手术简单得多,