03 January 2012

For Mr M (1948--2012)

I was stopped by a resident of our nursing home when I was leaving office in the last working day before Christmas of 2011. He given me some money and wanted me to help him to buy some food.

The resident was a rogue for most of his life. Fighting, drinking, smoking and gambling were daily routine for him. He has a very bad temper even after he admitted to nursing home. He always swears and shouts even in function when nursing home officials touring around with guests. He dislikes the food of the home and always complaints and even throws the food together with utensil at the nurse’s face. We try hard to refer him to other nursing home although not unsuccessful in the end. My colleagues finally persuaded him after long men’s talk with him. At the same time, we advise staff not to not to mess with him and stay away when we he is losing his temper. 

I then bought the food for him since I was not rushing to go anywhere. When he received the food, he thanked me subtly. I have never seen him act this way.

He was like a hedgehog covered with spines or a soldier wearing helmet and armour. When I see him, he was either telling me his vicious deeds in the underworld or complaining with his usual four letter words at so and so who offended him. He did not know other ways to show his dignity as human beings besides his atrocious rogue attitude. He is just an ordinary person whom does not want to show others his soft spot. 

Now, he is willing to remove his helmet and armour in front of me and show me the human side of him. This moment, to me, is a grace from the above, for me and him. I am grateful that he is sharing this short moment with me.

The moment has deeply marked in my heart and touches me for a long time. 

P.S. The resident passed on today at our Home. Written originally in Chinese on 28 December 2011 23.57hrs in my blog http://clang13.multiply.com/journal/item/147

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