09 December 2011

The Complete Works of Kuo Pao Kun, VIII: Interview 郭宝崑全集,第八卷:访谈

Genre: Other
Author:Practice Performing Arts Centre 实践表演艺术中心
The economy has been achieving excellence progress since Singapore independence. Kuo Pao Kun feels that culture building is relatively neglected compare with emphasis of economy in Singapore. Although starting from 1990s, the government invested heavily in culture, but its coverage is still too shallow. He said that we cannot neglect literature, history, philosophy, religion and mythology education should we want to improve the progression of our culture. “While the Government put in a lot of money supporting orchestra, theater groups, dance companies, we could not have something in-depth should we lack of foundation. Most pressing work to be done is to rethink and to build the base for our culture. There are great gap in our knowledge structure. There is no awareness of the importance of cultural building which we need to invest in generations of effort.

(In Chinese, titles and names translated from Chinese)“Sowing Seed Of Drama In The Wilderness” written by Xiao Jiahui , "The Complete Works of Kuo Pao Kun, VIII: Interview " chief edited by Quah Sy Ren and edited by Chen Ming-luan, Practice Performing Arts Centre and World Scientific co-published in March 2011, Page 26



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